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However, if significant modifications are necessary on our end, we can implement such changes. If all goes according to plan, we will publish your piece within a week and send you an email containing a link to the published version. Although they don’t have a super-simple contact form or contributor-specific email address, pitching Entrepreneur could land you in one of the premier personal finance publications in the country. If you would prefer not to register, and would like to submit an article for review now as a guest contributor, please do so here.

This money blog also dips its toes into the realms of mindset and self-improvement. Get Rich Slowly also provides helpful resources, such as a net worth calculator and a one-page guide to financial freedom. Have you got what it takes to write for The New York Times Online Magazine? Check out the advice from a New York Times editor on how to nail your pitch . Can you write about personal finance and money for this world-famous newspaper and magazine’s website? With some great insider advice, research, and the right pitch, YES you can.

You can communicate with our staff and figure out what types of ideas would be a good fit. If you have a website of your own, send the link, and we’ll get familiar with what you’re great at writing about. One of our finance experts could suggest a few ideas for you to consider writing instead. Doctor of Credit shares money management strategies and savings suggestions.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We have tons of ideas for personal finance articles, so if you don’t have an idea, but love to write, please shoot us a note, and we will put together a title for you based on your interests. The Investment and Finance related articles are published here is only for educational purpose, so that people can get the correct finance tips regarding their future investment. But we strictly advice to people consult a licensed and professional financial advisor for any kind of investment you need.

InvesBrain focuses on these rapidly changing investment opportunities in all financial sectors. They’ll happily hire you to write freelance financial and business articles for them (if you send them a pitch they can’t resist). We’re convinced that you could pitch a personal finance topic to nearly any website… after you’ve studied what they’ve already published, and read their guidelines, of course. There is no limit on how many articles one writer can submit to us; it totally depends on you and your time schedule. You would love to help people who need any kind of financial information to make their decision to invest in financial products. If your post gets rejected, we will give you our reason why.

The site focuses on practical ways to be frugal, as well as information about credit cards, the best cards out there, and the different rewards available. One of the U.S.’s top daily newspapers, much of the content on WSJ is related to business and breaking news. You can submit an opinion piece to discuss anything relevant to the paper, including personal finance or family budgets. Please submit your piece in the body of the email rather than as an attachment, and keep it to 400-1,000 “jargon-free” words.

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