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These networks generally use a pay-per-click model which, depending on the niche, can pay anywhere from $0.01 to $1.50 per click, most on the lower end. While some topics may take to images very easily, like a car blog or a celebrity gossip site, others may require some deeper thinking to make this strategy work. With over 32 million bloggers in the US, we recommend the Blog Growth Engine to help you find your niche, win on SEO, and optimize your revenue. You need the right sized subject – one that is not too wide, such as “politics”, but not too narrow, like “political parties in rural Appalachia in 1929”. Trying a subject that is too wide will keep you from standing out.

We’re looking for content that ignites further conversation on existing trends in the IT landscape or presents a new perspective. We are searching for writers with expertise in construction and engineering to submit high-quality, instructive guest pieces to civilblog.org. We invite interested writers to make high-quality submissions relating to the themes we seek to address including military, political, economic and environmental issues with global significance. If you’ve got helpful information for freelance writers, we encourage you to email with your pitch. We prefer 800 to 1,200-word guest posts (unless we’re assigning you a specific idea from the list above at a longer length we agree upon). We often have a backlog of guest posts and only use 4-5 per month, so it may take 8-10 weeks for your post to appear.


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This magazine has been around for 40 years, and is looking for essays, interviews, and story ideas about political and cultural issues. Display ads are the simplest way for websites to generate any sort of income. Ad networks, like Google Adsense, are fairly simple to be accepted into, and implementation onto your site is streamlined and clean. If you’re just beginning to see some traffic to your blog and want to turn this into dollars, display ads are where most people start. While most people expect to be reading when they visit a blog, image-heavy content can be very appealing and break up your text-focused posts to keep people’s attention. Depending on the topic of your post, displaying multiple images per page on a single subject can give your audience a better sense of what you are trying to convey.

Once you have received 1-2 positive responses against your guest post request, it’s time to show your blogging skills to the rest of the world. In case you don’t know how to write excellent guest posts, this is the step-by-step manual you should follow for the same. Once you are finished with writing a targeted guest post as per the guest post guidelines, send it over to the concerned person. Now write one more guest post and send it to the next blog owner expecting a guest post from you. Feedspot has a team of over 50 experts whose goal is to discover and rank blogs, podcasts and youtube channels in several niche categories.

The Center for Politics, a nonpartisan unit of the University of Virginia, seeks to promote the value of politics and the importance of civic engagement. Government works better when politics works better, and politics works better when citizens are informed and involved participants. Embeddable RSS Widgets Easiest way to add dynamic and fresh content on your website. Get briefed on the story of the week, and developing stories to watch across the Asia-Pacific. Preference will be given to original reporting and analysis, but we will also consider commentary. It’s very obvious if you’re just writing for the sake of putting words on a page.

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