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Well, Bulldogology is always looking for high-quality fresh content to share. It should be related with pets, Dogs, Cats, Gecko and animals niche. Each article is edited and checked for plagiarism before publishing. Minor edits are corrected that include things such as punctuation mistakes, subject-verb agreements, and so forth.

If you are a freelancer working for a digital marking company or a writer being paid to promote a product, I expect to be paid for the article. If I am asked for a do-follow link to a sales page, it is considered a sponsored post in my opinion and the article will be labeled as such. Owning a dog for 6 months does not make you a dog expert.

Most of the articles submitted are published with little to no change. We may change things here and there to improve SEO. When you write for us, all submissions must be original and cannot be published anywhere else.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

We will review your banner before publishing, so double-check it before sending it to us. Biographical information will be posted to every post that is published on Pet Rescue Blog. This should be short and informative like who you are and why you’re important. If you want to resubmit an already published blog with a canonical tag, consider the sponsored option. The editorial team at Pet Rescue Blog reserves the right to reject or remove any guest blog violating the following editorial policies.

In the rare case we do respond, we will request you rework your submission to follow all guidelines. Please include your biographyandheadshot with your submission. Please read the guidelines below BEFORE contacting us, as your submission may be rejected immediately if it does not comply with them. The article must be 100% original and not previously published.

The shared idea should bring a new perspective and also have significant quality. Life With Pets is accepting guest posts from expert writers on pet-related topics. We do not accept paid guest post for promotion or advertisement. Only high quality, unique, and valuable content accepted. So, if you’re looking for these things, you came to the wrong blog.

Your article must be unique and not published anywhere else online. We are proud to maintain a high domain authority of 50+ , Please feel free to submit your article today to -my-pet.comand we will get back to you as soon as we can. I also make changes to articles to improve on-page SEO. This may include rewording the title, adding more keywords, or removing keywords, and adding subheadings, among others.

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