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Food Tank is looking for creative writers and journalists who can produce high-quality content! Professional writers and editors, as well as passionate wordsmiths with experience in food justice, food policy, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture, are encouraged to apply. This is a remote opportunity and international topics are also encouraged. We have two types of writing opportunities at Food Tank including paid freelance articles and unpaid guest articles. Becoming a guest author is a great way of getting exposure for your own blog.

If you can write for us Food on Renzorecipe every day, you broaden your reach and get more exposure to your work beyond the confines of your own site. You can simply contact us via email and share your ideas regarding the guest posts. We will contact you back as fast as possible and share further details. If you already have a piece of content, you can reach us with that as well.

Article submissions and ideas should be objective and should not be used as a platform for rants or raves. The editor reserves the right to edit submitted articles for length and/or clarity as seen fit. To share your guest post on Nutrition category, write an outreach email to us on with the subject “Request for Guest Posting on Nutrition Blog”. I invite you to publish your work on Mentor Pro if you are an expert in mental health, addictions, relationships, or therapy. We are a rapidly growing, actively engaged online community interested in health, organic food, fitness, energy, and of course, connecting with spirit.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We don’t have to be embarrassed of them here, because they are tools as important to building our future as our successes. None of us are here to prove we’re perfect, we’re here to get better. Familiarise yourself with our values – check out our about page to ensure your content is aligned with our approach. Healthy smoothie ingredients that can help people to look and feel their best. Just be sure that every single nutrition claim is 100% evidence-based as our in-house nutritionist will quickly weed out any inaccuracies.

But we’d all be a lot happier if we were honest about the fact that some of us have advantages. The more we acknowledge where we are lucky, the less people will feel the need to keep up with an illusion. If someone has shared an opinion on TFD and you disagree, we always welcome a good response. As long as we’re respectful of each other, and accept that what is true for one person might not be for another, we want to hear every side of an argument. Everyone has a story to tell about personal finance, whether it’s living with six figures of student debt or buying a home at 25.

We only nominate the biology, health, and fitness-related content from qualified authors who focus on trending health-related issues. We also take plagiarism seriously to ensure content is original and the writer must make a sense in conclusion to health and wellness. We admire the writers that come up with new and trending health issues and also provide authentic remedies according to their expertise. If you’re submitting a nutrition guest post then please include details of your dietician or nutritionist credentials.

Read the SRP “Who We Are” statement and the SRP Self-Health Nutrition blog and am familiar with the interests of your readership as well as your philosophy. Submit your posts usingthe form at the bottom of this page. Please use at least 12-point type and allow at least one-inch margins on both sides, top, and bottom. Submissions should be one-sided and include page numbers. Please use letter-quality type so your manuscript is as clean and legible as possible.

As parents, farmers, or chefs, they’ve been practicing whole-health nutrition successfully in their own lives for years. Many are whole-health practitioners, consultants, or educators who are also exceptional presenters, teachers, or writers. Their credentials, visibility, and life experience make them well-prepared to help us promote their books effectively.

Nobody wants to read articles with a link every other sentence which feel like a marketing pitch. The post is uploaded to our live website blog for our readers to engage with. Alist potential sources (if the writer is a professional writer/freelance). We do cross-check your content and if we find you have copied it from somewhere you will be banned for a lifetime for our blog. TheBioHack.Org accepts posts of at least 500 words well-written without any kind of grammatical or plagiarism errors.

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