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Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your article for consideration. You will need to pitch your idea to our editor, Josh Page. You can contact Josh through the contact form available on this website. We cannot guarantee to publish your submission, and all submissions will be subject to a rigorous review process. We will share your post on our social media channels, homepage, and newsletters.

As you will discover, many of the posts we publish relate to mental health issues experienced by former and current military personnel. These issues typically include substance misuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD and the need to re-adjust to civilian life. This will include our ownership over related third party materials. Writing for A Lust for Life has been an absolute privilege and an honour, and I would highly encourage others to put pen to paper. I set out to share my Clinical Psychology experience in an accessible way to a wider audience and writing for A Lust for Life has offered me that and so much more. The response to my article on Infant Mental Health confirmed for me the thirst for evidence-based psychological knowledge.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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The article may not include a call-to-action to a specific product or service with which the author may be affiliated. Destigmatize and demystify mental health and mental health treatment. Psychreg is mainly for information purposes only; materials on this website are not intended to be a substitute for professional advice.

We would love to have some mental health experts and bloggers with advice & stimulating first hand accounts, just like you. We will not respond to guest posts sent to us that don’t have “The Mental Health Guest Post” in the subject line. We especially like personal stories with triumph over mental illness.

Share your experience and what’s helped you along the way. If you would like to include images in your article, please submit them along with your article. Images must be high-resolution and should be related to the content of your article. We recommend you write your submission in easy-to-understand language.

The Ability Toolbox pays $50 to $150 per article for original content . The pay range is based on article length and the time and research required, with short personal stories in the lower range and in-depth shopping and how-to guides in the higher range. We primarily publish work by writers who have lived experience with a disability, chronic illness, and/or mental health condition. We welcome LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and other writers from minority and marginalized communities, and strive to be a safe space for diverse perspectives. Parents, teachers, and health professionals are welcome to submit work for consideration, but most of our paid opportunities are currently reserved for individuals who live with a condition themselves.

If you are passionate about health and fitness and feel like you have the experience, education, and knowledge to write about such topics, we would love for you to let us know! You can share your thoughts on these topics and share ideas which we will check at our end and give you our feedback. So if you’re a self-development junkie, an expert on substance abuse and trauma, called to help people and/or have a personal narrative involving mental health issues ~ you’re in the right place. It’s great to contribute to the A Lust for Life community. I love the shared ethos of emotional health and wellbeing. It is being a part of a community of experts by experience, and experts by professional knowledge, all working towards a common goal that is personally very fulfilling.

Many of our magazine contributors begin as Psychology Today bloggers. Thank you for taking the time to consider writing for Mentor Pro. Please read the following to learn more about the kind of content we publish. We’d love to hear from you if you’re an amazing writer who is well-versed in themes linked to mental health and addictions. Please send it to the editor email for any inquiries or guest post submission. Please pitch us your content topic first, and if approved, please submit your articles in Microsoft Word format or Google docs.

All content of this nature must be written in easy-to-understand language. It’s best that you share your headshot/humanoid image along with a short bio/description of yourself, so we can create a dedicated expert/blogger profile for you. Promoting better self acceptance, growth and helping people develop a healthier perspective on life. Have something POSITIVE/exceptional/in good faith/inspirational that will encourage the readers and even yourself! Believe us, we are always excited to hear such stories from you.

We’re seeking catchy articles, at least 700 words. However, we understand there are some stories that should not be stretched. If you have a story or content that we haven’t yet covered on The Mental Happiness, we would love to hear from you.

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