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Our writers come from a wide range of backgrounds. Please take a moment to look at the Raindancevalues. Vast knowledge of and passion for movies and how Hollywood works. The link attached in the post must be relevant to the content. If you publish any content on my blog, It will more chance to rank on Google and other search engine and your website will get organic traffic. The content may be based on research, facts, or experience.


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For champions of the B-movie and the Scream copycat. We want your silly takes, your humorous musings, and for you to sound like you when you gush about the genre that you love. We want to ooze positivity and enthusiasm to newcomers, those who are first dipping their toes into the horror space, and those that want to expand their horizons and horror knowledge. We are looking for writers who can produce in-depth premium content with expert knowledge in one or more of featured categories.

People as passionate about media as we are! At TheReviewGeek we have a real love for all things media-related and aim to create one of the best entertainment sites on the internet. If you share this enthusiasm and want to get your voice heard, now’s your chance. News Writer – Covering the latest news, articles, features and trailer for the site. If you’d like to write for us about one of these topics , this is the right blog for you.

Added your name, email address, and your bio of about 3-5 sentences to the top part of your submission. You are also welcome to include a link to your website, as well as your social media profiles if you’d like. Want to share your love of all things movies with the world? We are in search of critics, writers, and movie buffs who have something significant to share.

A wagon of individuals from different walks of life who wish to share stories with people around them. Cinema won’t survive if it’s not for those shared values, relationships, and brotherhood. Following the legacy, we would love to collaborate with you. To help us do that, we’re currently looking to expand our team.

Your post can be considered the best or a definite article if the tips you are giving the readers are doable or achievable. When sharing your thoughts on something, it should teach the readers a lesson, or, at least make them act on something. When explaining something, be sure to include strong examples, as well as, illustrate a vivid image that the other people sharing the same interest as you have can relate to. Many people want to watch movies, but they don’t have any idea which film to watch. Your recommendation of what to watch is essential especially if you have mixed genres in your top 5 or 10 choices. Submit two or three articles/reviews for consideration to with the subject line SUBMISSION.

Share with the readers what you love about the film and what will make them want to watch it, as well. High on Films is not a website; it is a shrine, where we worship Cinema. Writing for HoF takes more than just writing skills, it takes passion.

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