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Bullets are a great way to convey a lot of information without overwhelming the reader. They also provide white space, which is areas without text that help keep a page from looking cluttered. Try breaking up the copy with descriptive subheads, much as I’ve done in this post. It will help organize the copy and also make it scannable, which is how many people read online. Once you’ve gathered all your information, you may find your About Us page is lengthy. If it’s more than a few paragraphs, you’ll want to mold your page to include some visual interest.


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Careers in creative writing for entertainment provide international students the excitement, creativity, financial success and potential fame that many writers ask for. Most big budget video games like Halo or Call of Duty have a clear story line and scripted characters. Writing for the video game industry can be much more laid back than writing for a PR firm or a Hollywood studio, however these jobs can be less stable. Most careers in creative writing for the video game industry involve working with a team and are project based. Even though the job security can be unstable, video game writers made an average annual income of $73,386 in 2011 according to Game Developer Magazine.

A publishing house could care less if you won the spelling bee 10 years in a row.. They have editors that they pay to correct mistakes… This is a question that all writers, both aspiring… While some writers believe in writer’s block and some…

Even after that, it’s best to manually proofread for those contextual spelling errors. As for grammar check, don’t even get me started – please don’t rely on automation. One California study of prison fine arts programs found art education increased emotional control and decreased disciplinary reports. Participation in creative writing and other art programs result in significant positive outcomes for the inmates’ mental health, relationship with their families, and the facility’s environment. The study evidenced improved writing skills enhanced one’s ability in other academic areas of study, portraying writing as a fundamental tool for building one’s intellect.

Creative writing programs offered in juvenile correction facilities have also proved beneficial. In Alabama, Writing Our Stories began in 1997 as an anti-violence initiative to encourage positive self-expression among incarcerated youths. That person later became my mentor and taught me a lot about online business, over the course of five years. The first time I spent a thousand plus dollars on an online course, I worried that I was being scammed and giving my money to a random person on the internet. Eventually, I realized I’m more interested in topics like creativity, writing, and productivity. So in 2014, I relaunched my site as Become a Writer Today.

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