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The 3 Best Smartwatch for Android Phones 2022 Reviews by Wirecutter

The latest Apple Watch is the best smartwatch overall — and especially for Apple users. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the best option for Samsung phone owners, and there are a few others that some consider best for both Android and iOS. Our goal is to deliver the most accurate information and the most knowledgeable advice possible in order to help you make smarter buying decisions on tech gear and a wide array of products and services.

While the Series 6 is the latest iteration, the Series 5 Apple Watch is still a strong contender. This is especially true for anyone that wants a smartwatch with the bells and whistles minus the sticker shock for the latest edition. Thankfully, the Series 5 Apple Watch is a smartwatch that texts without phone pairing required since you can assign a separate line for it with your cellular plan. This is because the Series 5 comes enabled for GPS, WiFi, and cellular connections. Common Apple Watch features include tracking for steps, sleep, continuous heart rate, and ECG monitoring.

Additionally, if you’re an AT&T customer in America, then the cellular functionality will allow you to receive calls. On here, we like featuring stories from diverse opinions and believe in a community of contributors to help make this platform more beneficial for our esteem visitors. Here we publish several helpful articles in various categories, such as how-to articles, where to find things, resources, business, interviews and reviews. The LED watch is what we usually mean when we say “digital” watch. Instead, it uses tiny light nodes (called “light-emitting diodes,” or “LEDs”) to make light. No matter what time it is, the diodes will light up to show that.

You can also set up reminders in your smartwatch to take your daily medications on time. The Fitbit Inspire HR is one of the best smart watch for Android users. It has a sleek design and advanced health and fitness tracking features and is affordable.


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The company is using the additional space to pack a bigger battery with which the watch is said to last for up to 36 hours on a single charge. In fact, it can last for up to 60 hours on a single charge with Apple’s new low-power setting, although we’ll have to wait for the watch to arrive on the market to confirm this. There’s no shortage of smartwatches on the market but not all of them are worth buying. These iPhones and Android devices—ranging from $150 to $500—stood up to WIRED’s testing. These are our favorite straps, screen protectors, chargers, and cases to go with your smartwatch. They’re comfy to wear, look attractive, and boast slick interfaces, though you still won’t find nearly as many apps on the Wear OS Google Play Store as in the Apple App Store.

You can easily connect your phone with your smartwatch by using Bluetooth. Notifications are one of the main reasons that you had to buy a smartwatch. Your smartwatch notifies you to get a new email, and you actually feel the notification and it feels great because it is connected to your phone and body.

There’s built-in GPS, we found it comfortable to wear, and the display is easy to view with a crisp image. Like previous Fitbit smartwatches, this is mostly focused on fitness and won’t be for everyone. The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch family of devices, and the Apple Watch 8 is a great choice within that family. It gives you all of Apple’s latest watchOS features without splurging on the adventure kit you don’t need.

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