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Your article cannot be deleted after we have published it. Your article must be 600+ words, 100% unique, and must be beneficial to our readers. If you are interested to contribute to other categories, you can follow mentioned links for your reference. You should prepare content layout and format by respecting these factors. It can make your content engaging and highly useful information properly to grab the reader’s attention. Writing content by using lengthy paragraphs will reduce the engagement rate and lift the reader’s interest.


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Everyone gets the same terms and they are written on the guest post form. Those are the terms we hold all of our guest posters too. People who submit a blog on our site can put Do-Follow backlinks to your site or blog, one from each section of the body of the blog and the other in the biography section of the author. The linked post/page should be related to the linked keyword in the blog. Also, we have the right to modify the link, if it is not related to the article.

Your submitted guest post should be fully informative with multiple proven facts and stats. In case you mention any health & fitness case study, research, or experiment details, you should add reference links as well. It will be helpful in providing proof of information with authority. What avail would writing guest posts blogging at Coupon Toaster yield?

To ensure no delays are encountered, the guest blogger should deliver their completed post to us at least 24 hours before the original deadline. If you want, you can include 1 dofollow link to the author bio pointing to your blog, social media account or anywhere else. Your writing should be well written, interesting, unique, and informative.

The criteria for getting your article published is to be written at least 800 words long with no grammatical errors, as well as generally categorizing on “Health and Fitness” related topics. If our editors find the piece informative enough, it will be published here. If you’d like to write for us and contribute a sports-related guest post, please let us know what ideas you wish to share on the blog. Whether you’re trying to grow your brand, build more traffic, or increase online visibility, our guest blogging opportunities add tremendous value to your content marketing efforts. Before submitting your pitch, please read and acknowledge our editorial guidelines. Here are some of the guidelines related to fitness write for us niche.So before you submit the blogs please read them carefully.

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