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Active researchers are preferred, but we consider each application individually. If you wish to attach any image/illustration to your article, ensure that it is either an open source image or an image created/taken by you. Mention the complete URL of the website you have retrieved your image from at the end of the article. Authors will be fully responsible for the images they send. UG STEMPEERS and the Boffin Bloggers will not be liable to any complications/disputes arising over the use of copyrighted images.

Journalism skills, knowledge of academic research, and a solid query will help your pitch rise to the top. We’re currently looking for people to write articles for the blog across all manner of science-related topics, whether about specific research, or more general issues. As a general rule, we only accept articles from people who have a background in science. At the very least, you should have a bachelor’s degree in a scientific field, but a master’s, PhD, or MD is preferable.

Also do well to fill in your profile details for the benefit of our readers.. We’ll do our best to review and respond to your query within a week. Must be an advanced graduate student or higher, including working professionals with Master of Science degrees, PhDs, PsyDs, etc. To see your work published on our website, mail your article/s to Get an overview of our latest news, along with fascinating images and people. We have pitch deadlines in summer and December of each year.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

More than 4.6 million people, including students and teachers, policymakers, and the media, visit the APS website every year. If you are interested in writing for us, but need help figuring out what to write about, you may write to us on our email id for a list of ideas. Tales of Science- You may write about the history and scientific journey of any individual/s that have been instrumental in shaping any scientific field as we know it today. You may also write the stories of award winning scientists who have inspired you. Submissions should be accessible to the intelligent and motivated non-expert.

DO NOT COPY CONTENT to another website and/or your personal blog once your content is published with us. However, you are free to publish a 4-5 lines teaser and link your published story to another website/blog. If you have already published your content on another website and/or your own blog, ensure that you delete your content from those website/blog before submitting it to us. Generally, a blog owner invites someone from outside of his company to write a blog that will be published on his website. And guest bloggers write content for similar sites within their industry in order to drive traffic back to their websites. We would prefer that you format your articles with our text editor to prevent your formatted text and design from clashing with our theme.

Second, we’re part of the Research Blogging network, a highly respected hub for people writing about recently published journal articles . So if you’re writing about a particular journal article (whether you’re summarising or critiquing it) we can make sure your article gets included, further increasing your article’s reach across the blogosphere and beyond. The Observer is the digital membership magazine of the Association for Psychological Science. New content is posted weekly, and a complete digital edition is published every other month.

In our series Greater Good Chronicles, writers share stories of trying to apply the science of a meaningful life to their daily lives. Ideally, these pieces take the reader along your journey with you, using specific moments and examples to illustrate how you came to grow in or gain insight about a specific key to well-being. Although you may include occasional links to research, the piece mainly highlights your story and draws out lessons that others can learn from it.

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