National Transportation Center Foundation scholarships provide funding for individuals pursuing training programs that enhance their career and technical skills in the transportation industry.


Both the individual applying for a scholarship and the training program and associated costs must meet eligibility criteria for funding.

Eligible Training Programs and Associated Costs

All training programs directly affiliated with the National Transportation Center are eligible recipients of NTC Foundation scholarship funds, unless offered to an exclusive audience or otherwise marked. NTC-affiliated programs can take several forms depending on the sponsor of the training. Some typical examples include:

  • NTC-designed programs including Electrical and Electronics and Diesel Technician Training
  • Vehicle OEM training
  • Tier 1 Supplier training
  • Association Sponsored Training for Drivers, Logistics Personnel, or Service Technicians

The NTC may consider funding for training programs that are not directly affiliated with the NTC on a case-by-case basis. Such programs may include, for example, those offered by other vetted industry organizations.

Scholarship funds may be applied toward training fees and any of its directly associated laboratory or equipment fees.

Individual Eligibility

Any individual seeking training in an Eligible Training Program to advance his or her career in the transportation industry is eligible to apply for a scholarship, provided he or she meets minimum enrollment criteria and submits an application.

Unless otherwise indicated, we assume that the scholarship amount requested is equivalent to the gap in funding identified in the Finance Worksheet and Agreement in this Enrollment Application.

How to Apply

To apply for a scholarship, individuals must submit the Scholarship Supplemental Application in the Appendix included in the NTC Enrollment Application. Overall, successful recipients of scholarship funds must demonstrate desire to start or develop their careers in the transportation industry and potential for excellence.

Scholarship Application Review Process

Both need and merit are considered in the review process relative other current and past applications.

The Foundation will not exclude or discriminate against applicants on the basis of arbitrary considerations of such characteristics as age, color, disability, ethnicity, sex, gender, gender identity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or Veteran status.

The Foundation may from time to time preferentially consider specific audiences (e.g. Veterans or women) according to admissions initiatives. Scholarship funds contributed by external sponsors and distributed through Foundation may include additional qualifications or directives, but must comply with NTC standards of non-discrimination.

The Board of the Foundation or its designees review scholarships on a rolling and as-needed basis. Should further information or clarification from the applicant be required, a request will be made to the potential recipient.

What Voids Scholarship Funding

Scholarships will be voided on the basis of expulsion or dismissal from training or discontinuance of the education process. In addition, the Board of Directors reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship for unusual, extraordinary, or force majeure circumstances at their discretion.

Method of Awarding

The Foundation Board of Directors or designees will approve and notify the applicant and the training program administrator of its approval. Monies will be paid directly to the organization(s) providing services, including training, housing, equipment, or supplies vendors. Notification will be emailed to recipients to the address provided.

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