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Keeping America Moving

The transportation industry overflows with opportunities. The industry features some of the most interesting technology, important and rewarding work, and great futures you can find in any industry, anywhere. What do these opportunities look like? What skills do you need to pursue them?
In this freeone-weekresidential boot camp, you pick up lifelong career skills, build relationships with people who want to help you in your future, and visit some great companies in the transportation industry. First, you train online and in person on essential careers skills. Then you tour industry facilities to get an overview of transportation manufacturing processes, crane and rigging processes, warehousing and logistics, and more. You leave with new skills, contacts, and next steps to take in the transportation industry.
Participants develop and demonstrate competency in career skills and knowledge in this boot camp, and should be prepared to
  1. Complete online training and assessments
  2. Participate in in-person sessions with a session-leader
  3. Work on resumes, interviews, and other career skills
  4. Produce reflective assessments of site visits to companies
  5. Give a verbal presentation on next steps in the transportation industry

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