NTC Electrical Launch

NTC Electrical Launch

Even when compared to other trades, electrical work is rapidly rising in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that there would be a need for 67,000 new technicians and 75,000 new diesel engine specialists by 2022. Such a high demand for technicians leads to a high demand for technician training. Some may see this as a roadblock, but those at the National Transportation Center see it as a huge opportunity.

The National Transportation Center is launching their new Essential Electrical and Electronics Skills training boot camps with the primary goal of assisting those looking for a job in that field as well as the businesses that desperately need quality candidates. The training program can be completed as quickly as three weeks.

The National Transportation Center’s Chief Development Officer, Tom Weisenbach, said, “Our goal is for them to gain new insights, skills and contacts so they can pursue a career path in transportation, and with scholarships available through the NTC Foundation we should be able to help fill the pipeline with talented and properly trained individuals.”

With the launch of their Essential Electrical and Electronics Skills training boot camps, Chief Operating Officer, James Jeffries, believes that the program will be every bit as beneficial to companies hiring these future employees as the trainees themselves. “Employees with these skills can take on new revenue-generating jobs, reduce errors, and work more efficiently. That’s exactly what every shop I know of needs right now.”