Keeping America Moving

A powerful introduction to the transportation industry

The transportation industry overflows with opportunities. It is way more than just trucking or working on cars. The industry features some of the most interesting technology, important and rewarding work, and great futures you can find in any industry, anywhere. What do these opportunities look like? What skills do people need to pursue them?

We invite organizations to book with with us to bring studentsVeteranscareer-seekers, and career-changers to join us in a FREE, one-day introductory boot camp. At this camp, participants learn about the transportation industry and its opportunities, practice essential career and employability skills through workshops, and tour a great company in the transportation industry. Participants leave with new insights, skills, contacts, and next steps.

Keeping American Moving boot camps are flexible and accommodate a variety of group needs. Contact us to organize your visit today.

Gain a vision

See what a path in the transportation industry could look like for you.

Discover the basics

Discover the employability and career skills that serve as building blocks for your career.

Learn great tools

Use and master some of the tools you need for developing your career and crafting your resume no matter where you go.

Gain new insights

Get on the ground of a great company to explore and understand career possibilities.

Identify skills

Figure out which skills you already have and which skills you need to develop for entering the workforce.

Identify next steps

Discover exactly what to do next in your career development.