Is Softwaretested Com A Rip-off Or Legit Website?

So far anything i’ve purchased was working and re-installed a few of them and was working completely. I buy all my codes kind right here and never had a problem whith them, everything working excellent and the supply is allways very fast. Everything working excellent and the supply was very quick. At first i had a litle emotion about activation, however everything was ok. Very good provider and trustful web site.

However the worth for three years guarantee of $700 is in my opinion unjustified for about two hours work. They quote the value almost at the finish of the service. This expertise left me with some uncomfortable feeling. Neither Microsoft nor any other respectable business will plague you with popups for tech help. Hit alt-F4 to close the scammer’s window and return about your corporation.

They will need to know the date the cost was posted and the name of the business that acquired the cost. I hope you will get your money back. You can now bunch up funds and clear a amount of transactions in a single go.

I’ve purchased several keys from very happy with their support and repair. Absolutely excellent customer service! I was coping with a really perplexing problem on a weekend attempting to put software program on my laptop computer. The old program wouldn’t fully remove.

The package contained a large, low-cost, white plastic sheet with a hole in it, plus four double-sided tape squares…but not the item I had ordered. I even have written to their customer service email and help e-mail 4 times in two days, but no response. They don’t comply with up and obviously don’t have any kind of customer support.

The transaction went through immediately on my card but then came up with an error message on their screen so obtained no confirmation or receipt. Received the phone quantity tagged to the transaction. Called them and received a completely totally different firm who has no document of the transaction. Their security group is investigating as well and they have been very useful. and are rip-off websites. They supply merchandise at lower than half manufacturing prices to steal your credit thunderbird rearrange account order card data. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE PRODUCT. They have been reported to the FTC and the FBI Internet Crime Division.

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