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How to Write a Blog Post: The Beginner’s Guide for Law Firms

It’s common for us to 2-3x a law firm’s leads in 12 months. We’ve also grown new sites from 0 to over 5,000 daily visitors just from blogging. We customize our law firm marketing strategy to whether you want your fair share of cases or you want to completely dominate your market. Book a call with us today to see how we can help your firm make it rain. Many times the main objective of blogging for lawyers is to have your legal articles show up in the Google search results. If that’s your goal, then keyword research is a critical part of writing an effective legal blog.

Stay on brand by keeping a consistent tone throughout all of the content you post and keeping all of your content specific to your industry. In one of the most crowded industries in the nation, it’s important to find ways to stand out. Potential clients can pick from hundreds of attorneys to hire — so why should they choose you?

It must be descriptive, informative and quality article in minimum 1000 words with max. You may add few reference links to any high authority wiki, gov. or news type sites. Moreover, Link Publishers also offers high-end content writing services. You can hire writer from us if you want and get your legal content flawlessly written by us. Our team of writers and editors is excellent with the required expertise and skills.

Optimizing content down to one simple idea, the key is just to create excellent content. Google is getting better and better at bringing the most relevant search results directly to web users. Accident and injury attorneys should blog about dealing with insurance, how and why to sue, and other accident and injury-related matters. If it’s social media-related, I can talk about it – especially if it’s about gifs and hashtag games and memes like Lawyer Dog. And soon, I’ll be sharing a great story about networking here.

Check out this article on the Flesch reading ease score. To be clear, I highly recommend including specific legal terminology relevant to your blog posts. Just make sure to explain the terms and keep those explanations simple. Someone who understands their topic of knowledge best can explain it in the simplest terms. If you spend 20 to 30 minutes doing this, I’m sure you’ll build a list of a dozen legal topics in your area of expertise that you’re keen to blog about. A family lawyer should only be writing about family law topics.

This solo practitioner essentially does the opposite of every tip listed here. As a result, his entire site, including all 370+ legal blogs, rank for a grand total of 23 keywords which are estimated to generate 1 organic search visitor per month. One of the keys to growing your audience through blogging for lawyers is to focus on producing high-quality legal content. If your site has many thin blog posts of low value to potential clients, search engines (e.g. Google) and other marketing platforms, then don’t expect much. The Day Law Library maintains a curated collection of legal self-help articles, guides, and educational resources for lawyers, law firm marketers, and their audiences. We regularly collaborate with subject-matter experts within the legal community and we encourage guest bloggers to share the knowledge they’ve gained in their areas of expertise.


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Failure to adhere to these guidelines or submit by the due date we assign to you may result in delay or loss of publication position. We reserve the right to determine quality for Socedo’s blog and will reject posts that do not meet our quality standards. Submission of post does not necessarily guarantee publication. Your article should not contain sales motives or business promotion. We want your blog to focus on teaching others, not be an advertisement. Any external links to other products and services should only be mentioned in a natural way to support a particular point in your article.

Guest posting is not only useful for driving visitors, but also for acquiring high-quality links that improve your website’s rating. Most legal bloggers engage in guest blogging just for the purpose of gaining backlinks, despite the fact that there are several other benefits. How we can believe on you that you are good legal bloggers, so provide your links of previous guest post submitted by you. Recently, We have started to accept the guest post on our legal directory.

Frequently, these take the form of “lists,” “how-tos,” “10 Ideas for…”, or “5 Steps to…” articles. If your firm utilizes an email newsletter to stay in touch with previous clients, current clients, and potential new clients, this is a great platform to utilize for sharing blog posts. In our weekly Crisp email newsletter, we share new blog updates to keep our audience engaged and informed. With your outline, formatting plan, and research done — it’s time to flesh out that blog post. Walk through every portion and expand where necessary, input your links, add more detail, and create a cohesive blog post that you’re confident to share with the world.

Your content should always be informative, educational, and helpful — this legitimizes your practice as a trustworthy source. Welcome to ColyerLaw.net, where you can find legal guides and legal resources for all legal matters such as law, lawyers, law firms, attorney help and more. Findingalawyer.org provides officers with the most recent law enforcement news so they can defend their communities and return home safely every day. In addition, we seek to inform the public about what to anticipate from law enforcement agents. We provide a reputable, trustworthy online community in which our members may freely share information so that everyone has access to the correct materials.

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