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How to Use Guest Blogging for Natural Link Building

At the bare minimum, you’ll want to include the same essential information that’s found on those sites. The depth of topic coverage is another factor known to have direct correlation with Google rankings. It’s not about necessarily being long, but the content you write needs to adequately solve a need. Google cross-references content through a database of trusted sources.


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My experience has shown that guest blogging is fantastically effective when used correctly. The more difficult part is to get your message across to high-authority blogs or websites. A cold outreach email is unlikely to give you a favorable outcome. Because they receive hundreds of such pitches everyday and likely have an existing publishing calendar too. It is important for you to come up with a few content ideas that are relevant to the websites you’ll be pitching to.

Despite evidence to the contrary, there are still a number of pervasive myths and beliefs about guest blogging, especially when it is used as a link building strategy. Finally, measure the results of your guest blogging activity and its effect on SEO using Google Analytics. This will help you understand how much of referral traffic you’re getting. A free tool like Pro Rank Tracker can help you analyze how your search rankings change over time. Such analysis will help you plan a better SEO strategy and help you keep track of your competitors as well. But, an approach with a clear intent for the benefit to the host site and its visitor is acceptable.

For starters, it allows you to group your content and give you a visual representation of how each topic cluster looks like. Think of auditing your content like spring cleaning your garage. So, yes, there will be a part in the content audit process that will involve deleting some of your previously published content.

In fact, 37% of featured snippets displayed by Google are either bulleted or numbered lists. Editorial links are links a website gets by posting valuable and original content, which they don’t ask for. On the other hand, a good backlink will help boost your site’s rankings and online reputation.

The most influential is how well the site’s been optimized. That’s the reason why a website with a high domain authority would rank higher on Google’s SERP compared to those that don’t. That said, you need to ensure that you’re using the right keywords in your content, increasing your chances to land on the first page of Google’s search results. Because over time, your content may compete with each other for rankings.

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