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How to Use a Computer Mouse: 14 Steps with Pictures

The effect of this is that a mouse is well suited not only to small, precise movements but also to large, quick movements and immediate, responsive movements; all of which are important in shooter gaming. This advantage also extends in varying degrees to similar game styles such as third-person shooters. The introduction of Windows Vista and Microsoft Surface introduced a new set of input APIs that were adopted into Windows 7, allowing for 50 points/cursors, all controlled by independent users.

Our goal at Computer Tech Reviews is to provide our readers with more information about hardware, software, cybersecurity, gadgets, mobile apps and new technology trends such as AI, IOT and more. The right-click of the mouse is used to view the properties of a folder or an object. Most computer users do know of the full benefit of a mouse. There are some useful tips of the mouse given that help to increase your overall productivity on the computer.

Late-1980s era home computers such as the Amiga used this to allow computer games with two players interacting on the same computer . The same idea is sometimes used in collaborative software, e.g. to simulate a whiteboard that multiple users can draw on without passing a single mouse around. The ball mouse replaced the external wheels with a single ball that could rotate in any direction. It came as part of the hardware package of the Xerox Alto computer.


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If you write with your left hand, you should have the mouse to the left of the keyboard. If you write with your right hand, have the mouse to the right of the keyboard. Once you’ve found your mouse, try right-clicking and choosing Disable device, then Enable device again. Next, right-click the entry and select Update driver, then Search automatically for updated driver software. It’s unlikely this will actually find a new driver to fix the issue, but sometimes it comes through.

When you have the cursor and item in the position you want, release the left mouse button. The second LED lights up a red plastic strip along the back of the mouse so you can see it’s working. Most optical mice also have a wheel at the front so you can scroll pages on-screen much faster.

These components track the movement of the mouse on an x-axis and y-axis and move the mouse cursor on the screen. In the picture is an example of the bottom of a mechanical and optical mouse. The scroll wheel between the buttons is used for scrolling.

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