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Once you have a few posts done and your fingertips are finding their way round that keyboard with rhythm start to think about the kind of writer you want to be. Think about how you want your travel blogging voice to develop, how you want readers to feel when they’re on your blog and what kind of topics you want to cover. Read samples of EvBeing’s published work in online travel magazines, guest posts, and travel blogs. One of the best ways to get started as a travel writer is to publish relevant articles on other travel blogs. I also think that when you start writing a travel blog it can be hard to portray who you really are.

Who from outset concentrate on structuring an ultimate source of travelling knowledge, based on concept formation and utility of empirical evidence. A taut and influencing piece of priceless statement and declaration of fact does not merely leave its quintessential value for a mere spur of a moment. And that is how Coupon Toaster works, their motto is much simpler to understand, though which in itself cannot be set on in a few words. Your primary role as a photojournalist is to be a visual storyteller. By photographing, editing, and presenting images, you can tell a story in a way that no other media can. Photojournalism is a form of storytelling that employs images in order to tell a story.

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a travel writer then now might be your chance! The world is a big place and I can’t get to it all myself. I’m always interested to hear from people who want to be featured on the site. Strive for a minimum of 500 words in you article, unless it’s a photo-story.


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Tone and writing style – Write as if you’re talking to a friend or colleague. We’re not an overly formal brand, so the content should match our brand personality. Authenticity – The content must be original and not copied from elsewhere .

She now travels the world full-time with her husband and enjoys hiking, camping, scuba diving, surfing, and other activities that allow her to experience adventure travel firsthand. The Art of Travel is one of the largest travel media and publication houses, a hybrid of a travel encyclopedia, FREE destination travel guides, and long-form travelblogs. Your local town tourists spots would be great and would give readers the insider’s view. And don’t worry about trying to add to my country list, if you’ve been to some great spots in places I’ve already visited then let me know and we can add them in. It all enhances the site and gives my readers more great content to explore. 3 years ago we quit our jobs, put our stuff in storage, and took off on a year-long honeymoon.

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