On August 3rd, the NTC celebrated the graduation of its first diesel technician cohort. The four participants were adventurous–you know you are in for a journey as the first students in a new program. They were also dedicated. Each met the demands of our rigorous five-month program to build the core competencies of a diesel technician.

And now they are ready. Roland is unstoppable in his work ethic. Duh loves to learn, and picks up new skills quickly. Gum seeks out new problems to solve and thinks through every obstacle methodically. Finally, Connor, who was honored as this cohort’s graduation speaker, is eager to take apart anything, fix it, and put it back together again.

An industry recruiter visiting us recently asked, “Who took that engine apart?” Connor said, “I did.”

“But can you put it back together?” 

Connor grinned. “Yes, sir, I can.”

Conner did put that engine back together, and we couldn’t be prouder. In fact, we are incredibly proud of all of our graduates. Let’s consider the facts:

  1. All four demonstrated mastery of key competencies in six technical areas: safety, electrical and electronics, brakes, steering and suspension, heating and air, and engine performance
  2. All four held down jobs while completing training nights and weekends
  3. Three of the four have families and family responsibilities they juggled during training
  4. All four completed nearly 500 hours of training to prepare them for entry level tech jobs
  5. All four struggled sometimes with new skills–but always showed the determination and grit needed to solve problems and overcome obstacles 
  6. All four had perfect or near-perfect attendance and made up any hour they missed
  7. All four know Ohm’s Law and how to do excellent work with a multimeter
  8. All four worked well together, helped each other, and worked as a team to enable everyone to succeed

Do these trainees sound like workers you would like to hire? They do to us. They are techs through and through. NTC training was built to deliver the kinds of entry-level technicians industry demands, that we would want to hire ourselves–techs who show up, work hard, know how to perform, and are ready to grow. We are grateful to our first class for living up to our expectations. 

We are also thankful to the National Transportation Center Foundation, its Board, and its donors. Incredibly, every new student of the NTC can attend for free through either a Foundation scholarship or employer sponsorship. Gene Martin, Treasurer of the Foundation and Commander, US Navy (Retired), represented the Board at graduation to see how its $40,000 investment has delivered workers with the skills they need to launch careers.

“The NTC has come so far, and we are excited for today’s graduates. We look forward to all the good work to come,” said Mr. Martin.

Join us in celebrating and congratulating these new techs. Their work, and the work of the National Transportation Center, is just getting started. We are now working with graduates on their next steps to enter the industry. And the next cohort of students is moving forward already!

NTC Diesel Technology
August 3, 2019