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Electrical and Electronics Boot Camp Series

Rapidly gain skills to add value in industry.

The National Transportation Center’s Essential Electrical and Electronics Skills training boot camps add and validate valuable skills for new and seasoned technicians. This training helps technicians expand service capabilities, reduce rework, and optimize time. This intensive, competency-based, industry-vetted training experience delivers the skills you need in the shortest amount of time.

How it works

This boot camp is a combination of intensive online training and in-person practical training with embedded skills validation. Participants can complete skills training in as little as three weeks, depending on the time available.

  • Phase 1: Launch (two hours)
    Participants attend a two-hour orientation to learn expectations and gain facility with online training.
  • Phase 2: Online training (two weeks to two months)
    Our state-of-the-art online training includes deep knowledge training, skill drills, simulators, and plenty of assessments so that participants are ready to excel in their in-person training and skills validation. Participants can take the time they need to complete this work remotely from their home or workplace.
  • Phase 3: Practicum live training and skills validation boot camp
    Over two (2), intense, 6-hour days, participants train on high value competencies for the shop and validate their skills by actually completing tasks that you need them to be able to do. All results and evidence become part of the participant’s NTC Competency Transcript.
  • Equipment perks
    All participants receive a tool set as part of their boot camp experience at the beginning of the practicum (hands-on) training, ensuring that they have the right tools and the right skills to complete all their new tasks.

All completed training results in an NTC-issued certificate of completion and competency transcript.

Essential Electrical and Electronics Skills Curriculum

This training program provides participants with an overview of vehicle electrical systems, along with training and validation for high value skills used in the shop. Participants will be introduced to the safety and operation of equipment and tools used in the electrical diagnosis and repair industry. Participants will study the fundamentals of electricity and electronics. By the end, they demonstrate competencies while practicing safe shop behaviors for working with electrical systems.

Built by Experts

David Jones is an industry expert in everything you care about: electrical and electronics, technical training, and business. He brings more than ten years of progressive technician and training experience to his curriculum development, is a published author in Electricity and Electronics, and has helped hundreds of technicians grow their skills for industry.

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Upcoming Training

Essential Electrical and Electronics, February 2019

February 18 @ 9:00 AM - March 5 @ 5:00 PM

Diesel Technician Training, March-July 2019

March 4 @ 9:00 AM - July 20 @ 5:00 PM

Essential Electrical and Electronics, March 2019

March 11 @ 9:00 AM - March 26 @ 5:00 PM

Essential Electrical and Electronics, April 2019

April 8 @ 9:00 AM - April 23 @ 5:00 PM

Essential Electrical and Electronics, May 2019

May 1 @ 9:00 AM - May 31 @ 5:00 PM

Diesel Technician Training, July-December 2019

July 22 @ 9:00 AM - December 7 @ 5:00 PM

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