Diesel Technician Training

High value skills training for industry

The National Transportation Center’s Diesel Technician Training provides the thorough, job-ready foundation required to launch a career with excellent pay and job satisfaction as an entry-level Diesel Technician in today’s heavy duty diesel service facilities.

How it works

This training is a combination of online coursework and in-person, hands-on experience to develop and validate your skills. Participants complete skills training of ~369 hours over 20 weeks on a schedule that enables them to keep their day job.

  • Component 1: Online training (224 hours)Our state-of-the-art, engaging online training includes deep knowledge training, skill drills, simulators, and plenty of assessments so that participants can learn at their own pace and are ready to excel in in-person training and skills validation.
  • Component 2: Practicum live training and skills validation boot camps (145 hours)Participants acquire and validate new high-value skills by actually completing tasks in our shop. Meetings are conveniently distributed over the course of over 20 weeks.
  • Component 3: Equipment perks You will need a tool set to launch your new career. The NTC provides discounted access to tool providers so you can get set up for success.

Sample schedule

The schedule depends on the specific program, but you can typically expect to meet in person three times per week for two-three hours per session over the course of 20 weeks. For example, you might meet Monday and Wednesday evening for two hours and Saturday morning for three hours.

Essential Diesel Technician Skills Curriculum

We created our training with input from diesel shops across the United States to guarantee the value of what you learn. Participants learn shop safety, operation of shop equipment, environmental safety practices, electrical and electronic systems, heating and ventilation (HVAC) systems, steering and suspension, braking systems, and diesel engine performance. Participants can expect strong guidance and mentoring throughout training to help ensure their success.

Competencies and knowledge

  1. Describe the basic laws of electricity and circuits
  2. Diagnose and repair starting and charging systems
  3. Explain HVAC system operation and demonstrate repair and diagnostic procedures; includes trailer refrigeration
  4. Perform inspections and repair on HD steering and suspension systems, both air and coil spring
  5. Service and repair HD brake systems including disc, drum, and anti-lock braking (ABS) systems
  6. Troubleshoot engine driveability concerns
  7. Electricity theory basics
  8. Electrical circuit basics
  9. Starting and charging system diagnosis
  10. HVAC system principles and operation
  11. HD steering and suspension
  12. HD disk and drum brake systems
  13. Engine performance diagnosis and repair
  14. Scantool usage


  1. Certificate of Completion
  2. Competency Transcript
  3. Fluke Multimeter Certification
  4. CCAR OSHA Alliance Safety Certification
  5. Access to career services support
  6. Preparation for ASE Entry-level Certification (not included)


We want to help all individuals access our training and develop a great career. We support all qualified individuals with free training through special, competitive programs including scholarships and industry-sponsored training funds.

Built by Experts

Harlan Wrenn has trained countless drivers and technicians and developed cutting-edge training throughout his career featuring electronic modules, software, simulators, and original diagnostic equipment. His wealth of experience starts as a farm boy playing with engines in Southside Virginia and proceeds through service in the US Army (with a tour in Viet Nam), teaching in community college, work as a heavy equipment technician, and ownership of his own automotive repair and trucking businesses.