Think you might want to become a diesel or electrical technician? Let’s talk.

The NTC offers premium diesel technician and electrical and electronics training programs, and we help you launch your career with your new skills. For free. All you have to do is qualify for training, and we work with you to get you funded.

Both training programs are short, intense, and designed to help even working adults get the skills and support they need to launch a career.

How does it work?

You prove that you have an interest and aptitude for becoming a technician by completing an initial informational application. We assess your application and work to get you funding in two ways:

  1. Corporate Technician Development Programs — Companies partner with the National Transportation Center to hire you directly and pay for your training. You apply directly into these programs. If a company hires you, then you get a job and free training. Learn more about the NTC’s own Technician Development Program.
  2. National Transportation Center Foundation Scholarships — We offer competitive scholarships to fund your training entirely. If you are eligible for a scholarship, we will ask you to sign with our job placement affiliate so that partner companies can hire you after graduation. Learn more about the NTC Foundation.

When you start training depends on a few factors like when you apply or when a Technician Training Program begins.

How good is NTC training?

Our training was built from the ground up based on direct input from dozens of companies. There is no fluff here–no extra, unnecessary work, no overload of reading and quizzes, and no grades. Our training helps you gain exactly the key skills you need to enter your new career with confidence and competence using high-tech, simulation-based activities and hands-on training.

Next step? Complete your initial application now.

Fill out our easy, initial application and we’ll be in touch with next steps. You can also contact us at if you have any questions.