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Content about App marketing, App advertising, App promotion, or App development. Include any writing samples as well as a description of who you are, your scientific expertise and your science writing experience. You can check the Yoast SEO guidelines to know more about the Transition words score. Your article should be in the active voice rather than passive voice. You can write a passive voice of up to 20% of your whole article. The focus keyword should be there in your first paragraph of the article.

Mention your bio with a minimum of 200 characters where you will get the Do-Follow link and Social link in it. If you have a gravatar email id of the author then provide us. Provide a meta description with less than 160 characters and 2 focus keywords.

Make sure you back up your claims with the most appropriate and relevant links to your personal or business blog. Please do not use the submissions link to enquire about how else to improve your chances of being published. Today, the Internet serves as a stage for showbiz, with various companies using it to market their services and brands.

All Credit of the posts will go to the writer/author. + You should provide the article in a formatted word document. Check those bullet points one more time before you submit your article. + You should own the right to all the images provided along with the article/post.


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You need to add focus keywords in your headlines too. Visual content must complement and help the reader to understand the material. Content that provides our readers with actionable tips, tools, and valuable strategies. The topics you propose should pickle interest or be related to these target audiences.

You may easily target diverse groups and push your way to the top of the global market with the appropriate approach and content. Submissions that follow the above guidelines are more likely to be published on this site. All Guest Bloggers will be experts and influencers in their respective fields (with at least an M.S, or working toward Ph.D. or M.D. degrees, or equivalent). You can add a link from our previous blogs wherever it suits the article.

But hold on to your keyboard, we have to reject a lot of posts because of a variety of reasons, and to prevent yours from being part of that statistic, find out why. Give relatable examples that help readers visualize the message you are trying to deliver to them. Cite and link back to credible sources/resources that can substantiate your claims and ideas. We are also looking for inspirational, cool, share-worthy, and viral materials to publish. No external connections to sites that are unrelated to the content . If you’re not an app creator, you can only put one link here.

The images should be in the highest possible resolution to ensure they do not appear blurry when published. All submissions will need to go through an internal review, and here are some of the things that will help us determine which posts we will eventually publish. We keep the rights to take out and replace links, as well as change their anchor texts at any time and without the author’s consent. Use Grammarly (it’s free!), ask a friend or hire a freelance proofreader to edit your article before submitting it to us.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to us by writing for us. We’re searching for unique material from app developers and other people who are interested in mobile apps and related subjects to contribute. Finally, guest posting is a significant deal in the SEO industry.

The contribution must meet our contribution guidelines standards in order to get published. All the guest contributions will be edited by the SoftwareWorld team. Our review team at SoftwareWorld reserves the right to edit and reject contributions at their discretion. Once the article will be edited, we are not able to provide the edited articles for review.

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